Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Macys free shipping on Mac cosmetic products

TO GET FREE SHIPPING: Place $50 of qualifying MAC items in your shopping bag; then enter promo code FAVS in the box labeled “HAVE A PROMO CODE?” and click “APPLY.” You can enter the promo code in your shopping bag at any time before or during checkout. Only one promo code may be used per transaction. Minimum purchase amount for Free Shipping does not include gift wrap charges, purchases of gift cards or tax. Offer applies to Standard Shipping to one location and may be applied to Premium or Overnight Shipping for an upgrade fee.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ten of my followers will recieve a free mac sample so just click and follow mw HUgs and cooment

Hey guys we have 2 more days for this contest to end cant wait to pick the winners Hope you enter just click and comment aswell as follow me YEY!! HUgs


Thursday, June 25, 2009

YEY! 10 winners

Good luck guys :D
maybe I should do random contest every moth 1 winner per week or one winner a month don't know still debating on the pros and cons :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

well today was the last day of school

Today was a nice day it was the school district of Philadelphia's day of school. I am sure the kids where excited ,Most of the parents cam to pick them up from school ,which was nice for the teachers to take a brake and pack their books .
Ms.Tucker gave me a friendship card I found that very sweet :D
I did not have time today to pick her up one so ill just go later today to get her a card as well .

I was exhausted from being sick I am still but coming of it thanks to Jesus.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

a tad under the weather

Hey its me I can not fall asleep My throat hurts my eyes are itchy I think I have allergies :*(

but a am getting better by the day thank god (Jesus) .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey guys thanks for giving me blog names

I am really adoring the names you guys have picked out for a new blog name for me ,this is so much fun ,I hope you guys that are entering the contest enjoy it :D as much as I am enjoying to read those fabulous names :D HUGSSSS

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey its been a while

Hello I am still around :)

I have been extremely bussy and tired I am a tad backup with my todo list ,I have a package to send that should have been sent last saturday ,But a last minute appointment had me side track

that being said I should stop making excuses and do ,I also have not been reading the word as I should ,Have had a lot of things in my mind what choices to make what career goals .

And in the love department I found out That I am totally not ready for a comitment that grand and I have not found someone that fansys me , Someone that LOves JESUS as much or more than I do ok maybe I love jesus more haha anyway Here I am :D
Here is a Pic of my recent work :D

Monday, May 25, 2009

here are the pictures of Ray J and rick rose

Ray J and Rick Ross

Just wanted to say happy memorial day weekend :D
of I went to maimi for teh wedding and on the flight there Ray J and Rick Ross was on our flight ,I had no clue but thanks to young girls and my sis co worker who was on the same flight I found out lol ..First class got on the plane first I did not notice but a man on first class came out of now where saying to me " Ill be seeing you in MIAMI " I was like who the heck is this man being disrespectful I keep going turns out it was the Rick Ross .LOl then after I text my sis she said her co worker seen Ray J so that was it I was at the back of the plane I find that part is the most comfortable to fly then again there was a few extra chairs . anyway when I get land and head to get our packages My daughter and I got a ride with those airport mini golf carts that was fun , so I am watting for my luggage and see my sis co worker I start talking to her and she tells me ray J was right infront of us LOL so I was like cool I am going to go take a pic brb and thats when I record and took pictures :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My week

well last saturday I went to the post office to drop of some prizes for a contest I had on youtube and I am happy to say I am almost done I have to finish sending the rest of them out by this saturday for I will not have time ,I will be bussy trying to get ready for my trip I know sometimes I feel I need a personal assistance ahhhh!! what a dream LOL but all is well a tad tired lately but this to Shall pass :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


well today I order the kids Pizza from pizza hut I bought 4 boxes ofr 33.44 I think plus 4 dollar tip that made me feel good and the ywhere shocked that I bought them Pizza so Just to see the look in their eyes -face was all woth it but that was not all that happend today their where 2 fights I am sad that kids fight each other but all I can do is pray and be a light in a dark place .

Then there was a food fight while this was happening someone pulled the fire alarm lol I was calm and collective LOL goodness what a day then I get home and I receive a phone call from an old associate (someone I grew up with ) she needed morall support her grandmom had past away so I told her what god let me to tell her and comes to find out I had this dream about 1 ago but the piece would not add up till today so Thanks god for showing me whats to come .

Here is a Promotion code dominos pizza is having well they are having 3Medium Pizza for 5 dollars each or the one I bought was 7 dollars for each pizza I brought 4 plus tax and gratitude (tip) 4 it was an excellent deal I think ............

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This week was a nice semi spring break I spend time with my lovely kids then had a photoshoot I just seen some of the semi edit work and it looks lovely ,I am getting ready for work monday ..

just got back from the movies (Hanna montana ) it was agreat message I cried lol I usually do anyway I dont have anything els on my mind so till later ...Oh yes I went to the studio with my buddy we had fun it was thursday I meet the producer-owner of the studio that was fun anyway HUGS jesus is love

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photoshoot s lined up

I am excited for this week I am having a photoshoot much needed Pictures to add to my portfolio ..so I am excited Yey..I dont hav ework all this week I plan on shooting pictures of a model hopefully tomorrow or sunday so thats is another yey and I love jesus :)
Oh and I found the cutes medium box for my makeup that I will be godwilling adding all my makeup in it on it YEY!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15% off jcrew clothes for teachers and students

Awsome I just found this and thought I would share it jcrew stores are offering a discont to students and teachers of 15% off Yey! with proper I.D

Monday, March 30, 2009

have alot on my mind ..so decided to Blog lol wow Its 2 am ..oh gosh I am praying again jesus help me sleep :) hmm...thinking about Miami beach ..cant wait to go down in a month in a half yey!! ummmm let see what ls do I need to let out of my mind hmm I need to buy a dress shoes cowboy boots ok maybe the cowboy boots are not necessary... Oh yes taking my books to catch on studies on the beach while getting a tan ...(sigh) jesus is great all day everyday :)

ramble -
so I started a contest good deed - donate I have some awsome subbies -friends they will be winning makeup ...Ok I guess I am done dido done dido Dooonnee Dddido LOL ok I am of to bed :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today 3-29-09

I just felt like writting about this past week it was a tad hectic at work but friday came around and it was all worth it .I got promoted at work so My prayer was answerd
I just recently added a contest to youtube that was fun having people do a good deed to win makeup products so yey! about that