Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey guys thanks for giving me blog names

I am really adoring the names you guys have picked out for a new blog name for me ,this is so much fun ,I hope you guys that are entering the contest enjoy it :D as much as I am enjoying to read those fabulous names :D HUGSSSS


redroses823 said...

I hope you like the names that we came up with! I didnt know whether you want to include your love for christ or just for your makeup/modeling. so hopefully you like it! thanks for having this for us =D

Anonymous said...

Aww! thanks lovely I love having contest!! I hope you had fun picking a name :D HUGS

lilmisscheeky4u said...

Oh my.. you are beautiful, you should take up modeling.. and your hair is so beautiful and thick too!
i totally love the passion you have for your religion im a christian aswell!

Brenda said...

this is by far my favorite pic :)
i love it. :)

xoxoamandakisses said...

aww good luck finding a name hun
great contest

hyphywifeyy said...

Thank you for doing this for us, it really is a lot. You are so nice and generous. you look very pretty in that picture hun.