Monday, March 30, 2009

have alot on my mind decided to Blog lol wow Its 2 am ..oh gosh I am praying again jesus help me sleep :) hmm...thinking about Miami beach ..cant wait to go down in a month in a half yey!! ummmm let see what ls do I need to let out of my mind hmm I need to buy a dress shoes cowboy boots ok maybe the cowboy boots are not necessary... Oh yes taking my books to catch on studies on the beach while getting a tan ...(sigh) jesus is great all day everyday :)

ramble -
so I started a contest good deed - donate I have some awsome subbies -friends they will be winning makeup ...Ok I guess I am done dido done dido Dooonnee Dddido LOL ok I am of to bed :)

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hyphywifeyy said...

the pictures very cute! but I have insomnia like you also sometimes ): cant sleep when its like 3 in the morning haha