Saturday, April 11, 2009

This week was a nice semi spring break I spend time with my lovely kids then had a photoshoot I just seen some of the semi edit work and it looks lovely ,I am getting ready for work monday ..

just got back from the movies (Hanna montana ) it was agreat message I cried lol I usually do anyway I dont have anything els on my mind so till later ...Oh yes I went to the studio with my buddy we had fun it was thursday I meet the producer-owner of the studio that was fun anyway HUGS jesus is love


redroses823 said...

lol you actually cried in that movie?! well i never watched it so i wouldnt know. but youre such a loving mommy. your kids must be proud of you. and jesus gave you wonderful features. youre one hot mama (;

Lopez said...

well all the glory goes to him ..I did not make my self .and reading the bible keeps me down to earth and loving because with out christ I would be a mean spirited person and probably Not the best mommy its all JESUS :D
hugs babe

hyphywifeyy said...

this picture is so gorgeous! you should be like on americas next top model! I agree with redroses haha you are a hot mom!