Tuesday, April 21, 2009


well today I order the kids Pizza from pizza hut I bought 4 boxes ofr 33.44 I think plus 4 dollar tip that made me feel good and the ywhere shocked that I bought them Pizza so Just to see the look in their eyes -face was all woth it but that was not all that happend today their where 2 fights I am sad that kids fight each other but all I can do is pray and be a light in a dark place .

Then there was a food fight while this was happening someone pulled the fire alarm lol I was calm and collective LOL goodness what a day then I get home and I receive a phone call from an old associate (someone I grew up with ) she needed morall support her grandmom had past away so I told her what god let me to tell her and comes to find out I had this dream about 1 ago but the piece would not add up till today so Thanks god for showing me whats to come .

Here is a Promotion code dominos pizza is having well they are having 3Medium Pizza for 5 dollars each or the one I bought was 7 dollars for each pizza I brought 4 plus tax and gratitude (tip) 4 it was an excellent deal I think ............

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This week was a nice semi spring break I spend time with my lovely kids then had a photoshoot I just seen some of the semi edit work and it looks lovely ,I am getting ready for work monday ..

just got back from the movies (Hanna montana ) it was agreat message I cried lol I usually do anyway I dont have anything els on my mind so till later ...Oh yes I went to the studio with my buddy we had fun it was thursday I meet the producer-owner of the studio that was fun anyway HUGS jesus is love

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photoshoot s lined up

I am excited for this week I am having a photoshoot much needed Pictures to add to my portfolio ..so I am excited Yey..I dont hav ework all this week I plan on shooting pictures of a model hopefully tomorrow or sunday so thats is another yey and I love jesus :)
Oh and I found the cutes medium box for my makeup that I will be godwilling adding all my makeup in it on it YEY!