Monday, May 25, 2009

Ray J and Rick Ross

Just wanted to say happy memorial day weekend :D
of I went to maimi for teh wedding and on the flight there Ray J and Rick Ross was on our flight ,I had no clue but thanks to young girls and my sis co worker who was on the same flight I found out lol ..First class got on the plane first I did not notice but a man on first class came out of now where saying to me " Ill be seeing you in MIAMI " I was like who the heck is this man being disrespectful I keep going turns out it was the Rick Ross .LOl then after I text my sis she said her co worker seen Ray J so that was it I was at the back of the plane I find that part is the most comfortable to fly then again there was a few extra chairs . anyway when I get land and head to get our packages My daughter and I got a ride with those airport mini golf carts that was fun , so I am watting for my luggage and see my sis co worker I start talking to her and she tells me ray J was right infront of us LOL so I was like cool I am going to go take a pic brb and thats when I record and took pictures :D


redroses823 said...

lol you and ray j looked cuted though honey! hes not those other celebs where they dont wanna take pics with you. but ya you look cute!

Lopez said...

haha! Thanks darling ...I was wearinf sweat pants on my comfy mode haha but thanks =)

hyphywifeyy said...

Ohh was that your daughter with you in your video? haha you both looked cute though. love your long curly hair, its so gorgeous!