Monday, May 25, 2009

here are the pictures of Ray J and rick rose

Ray J and Rick Ross

Just wanted to say happy memorial day weekend :D
of I went to maimi for teh wedding and on the flight there Ray J and Rick Ross was on our flight ,I had no clue but thanks to young girls and my sis co worker who was on the same flight I found out lol ..First class got on the plane first I did not notice but a man on first class came out of now where saying to me " Ill be seeing you in MIAMI " I was like who the heck is this man being disrespectful I keep going turns out it was the Rick Ross .LOl then after I text my sis she said her co worker seen Ray J so that was it I was at the back of the plane I find that part is the most comfortable to fly then again there was a few extra chairs . anyway when I get land and head to get our packages My daughter and I got a ride with those airport mini golf carts that was fun , so I am watting for my luggage and see my sis co worker I start talking to her and she tells me ray J was right infront of us LOL so I was like cool I am going to go take a pic brb and thats when I record and took pictures :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My week

well last saturday I went to the post office to drop of some prizes for a contest I had on youtube and I am happy to say I am almost done I have to finish sending the rest of them out by this saturday for I will not have time ,I will be bussy trying to get ready for my trip I know sometimes I feel I need a personal assistance ahhhh!! what a dream LOL but all is well a tad tired lately but this to Shall pass :D