Wednesday, June 24, 2009

well today was the last day of school

Today was a nice day it was the school district of Philadelphia's day of school. I am sure the kids where excited ,Most of the parents cam to pick them up from school ,which was nice for the teachers to take a brake and pack their books .
Ms.Tucker gave me a friendship card I found that very sweet :D
I did not have time today to pick her up one so ill just go later today to get her a card as well .

I was exhausted from being sick I am still but coming of it thanks to Jesus.


redroses823 said...

aww thats cute! giving you a card. you must have done a great job then! but yeah a teacher should always be acknowledged hehe

hyphywifeyy said...

oh! well thats okay. you'll get to see your kids next year maybe or hopefully. and you'll get new kids and be able to change their lives and help them build a great foundation for them to use later on in life.

hyphywifeyy said...

Err Im SecretLovee but I dont know how to change the name Lol oh gosh.